Bogdan Kolodiy

Bogdan’s main responsibilities lay in the area of presales and technical procedures as well as the selection and elaboration of solutions securing a maximum of satisfaction for customers’ requirements.

Bogdan has vast experience in the construction and operations of technically complicated engineering sites requiring a high level of reliability such as:

– 15 years of experience by taking engineering and management positions in the Head Centre of Automated Management of the Armed Forces;

– 5 years of experience in bank technologies by taking the position of Deputy Head of the Department of Telecommunications of Promstroibank Russia;

– 8 years of experience in the area of energy supply by taking positions from the Head of Department of the Main Computing Center to the Director of Infrastructure Projects;

– 8 years of experience in two major system integrators by taking leading management positions in departments in charge of the design and implementation of engineering projects.

Bogdan was directly involved in the design and construction of tens of technical sites, including 6 data centers with a size ranging from 300 to 2.000 racks.


Professional education: Military Academy of F.E. Dzerzhinsky (currently called the Academy of Peter the Great).

Bogdan holds a Honorary Certificate as Inventor and Innovator of USSR.