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IXсellerate объявил о начале строительства второго ЦОД в Москве

IXcellerate’s Rockin’Russia 2019, June 27

Highlights from #DCDBeijing 2018

Rockin’Russia 2018

Personal Data Protection 2017 Roskomnadzor

Guy Willner: About Data Centers in One Minute

OBS Conference   / 

HI-FOG® Fire Protection for Data Centers 

Guy Willner: Why IDCG Alliance? 

Carrier neutral IXcellerate  

Financial Markets Insights — Guy Willner 

IXconcert Rockin’Russia 2016  

IXGraffity Teambuilding 

IXcellerate open air 2017

IXconcert — I Don’t care by Safe&Sound
Acronis Band

IXcellerate open air 2017 Sergey Chlek,

IXcellerate open air 2017 Alexey Ilyin,

IXcellerate open air 2017 Anatoly Dmitriev, China Mobile

IXcellerate open air 2017 Matvey Suzdalov, Agricultural Bank of China

IXconcert — Make me wanna die by Safe&Sound Acronis Band

IXconcert — Bad Name by Safe&Sound
Acronis Band

IXcellerate open air 2017 Sergey Kiselev, OBS

IXconcert Jumpin Jack Flash by IXcellerate Band

IXconcert Беспечный Ангел by IXcellerate Band

IXconcert — TheHeartbeat Sound (Philips)

Mastertel & IXcellerate – Clouds

Data Economy Speaks To IXcellerate CEO

IXcellerate Moscow One Datacentre
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