About Us

IXcellerate is a leading operator of commercial data centers and a home for hypercloud in Russia. One of the Top-3 operators, IXcellerate offers a wide range of data center services: from domestic and international, scalable colocation solutions including warehousing, storage and work space options, to connectivity and peering.

IXcellerate data centers are rated Tier III/Level 3, and are fully certified by the Uptime Institute and IBM.

Current rack capacity is 3315, with outstanding service availability – 99.999%, surpassing that of Tier III requirements.

From the day the first data hall was commissioned in 2013, IXcellerate’s clients have never experienced a second of downtime. With over 50 carriers present on each site, IXcellerate’s data centers have one of the best levels of connectivity in Russia.

Top-level Client Services provide multi-lingual, 24/7/365 customer support with a 6 minute ticket reaction time.

In excess of 140 international and local companies entrust their data requirements to IXcellerate, with client sectors including banking and finance, retail, and IT providers. Company’s clients include: Tencent, Huawei, Softline, Nestlé, Thomson Reuters, Orange Business Services, Agricultural Bank of China, Nvidia, Onlanta, Technoserv, Imperva and many others.

IXcellerate is headquartered in London.

  • Carrier and Cloud Neutrality

    In the same way as multiple airlines interconnect in a major airport and offer access to any destination, IXcellerate acts as a hub for many carriers and service providers, providing choice, resilience, cost benefit and low latency connectivity. Every customer is free to select his partner or provider of choice. IXcellerate partner ecosystem is continuously growing and has open door policy upon customer request.

  • TIER 3+ reliability

    99.999% Service Level Agreement (SLA); Concurrent Maintenance: each and every capacity or distribution component necessary to support the IT processing environment can be maintained on a planned basis without impact to the IT environment. Downtime – zero seconds since commissioning in 2013.

  • Scalability

    Data center’s modular design, huge floor space and vast outside premises as well as office desk capacity enable our customers to realize projects of any complexity, even create a “datacentre within a datacentre” of up to many hundreds of racks.

  •  Customer Experience

    Founders and top executives bring their many years’ experience of managing and maintaining datacentres in Europe, South Africa and in USA. Customer support is provided in multiple languages – English, Russian, Chinese. Actual response time to customer tickets is under 6 minutes  

  • Financial stability

    IXcellerate has high ethical standards with the IFC (World Bank) as an investor so as to ensure that our customers mitigate risk relating to non-complying supplier practices. IXcellerate passed breakeven point in Q4 2016 and was named as Most efficient datacentre in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approved by the certificate of DC Awards. All customers’ obligations are clearly stated in the SLA and reinforced with financial penalties should the provider fail to deliver proper service