IXcellerate has been carefully watching the development of the COVID-19 global pandemic and is introducing adequate precautionary and security measures to minimize the risk of infection. The changes we made to our procedures are aimed at keeping our customers, partners and staff safe, while maintaining operational continuity across all our facilities.

Please note, that all scheduled maintenance and technical works are carried out without changes or delays. The level of service and support for all customers stands in accordance with the terms listed in the contract documentation.

This guide will take you through the list of measures we took to combat the spread of the virus and to comply with latest government regulations. We strongly advise you to study it carefully.

Thank you. Stay safe.

Konstantin BORMAN,
IXcellerate Managing Director



Aiming to minimize health risks and ensure uninterruptable, 24/7 functioning of our data centers, IXcellerate management has built a dedicated team, which is responsible for:

  • continuous monitoring and implementation of high-alert measures in accordance with the decree of the Moscow Mayor;
  • conducting special trainings and additional briefings for staff members;
  • organization of work processes and the allocation of resources per shifts and intervals, guaranteeing uninterrupted services and fulfillment of client requests for the period of quarantine;
  • assistance in creating “home office” conditions for employees and organization of remote access to corporate resources;
  • creation of personnel redundancy pool and deputy appointment for the jobs, critical for data center functionality.


Despite the partial removal of restrictions in Moscow in accordance with the Order of the Mayor of Moscow No. 77-UM, 114-YM each organization is continuing to operate in accordance with article #7. The number of daily infections is still very high; and since human safety and minimization of operational disruptions are top priorities for us, we consider it necessary to continue upholding the acting government preventive measures and Rospotrebnadzor’ recommendations, including those aimed at minimizing social contacts.

In accordance with the decisions of the Mayor of Moscow, as well as in alignment with previous decisions of the IXcellerate’s management, the following admission and work permit guidance is introduced, starting on November 28, 2020 and ending on April 30, 2021:


To gain access to the IXcellerate campus, we kindly ask you to submit an admission request through the Zendesk client portal, no later than 24 hours before your visit. Earlier issued visitor passes (including permanent ones) are canceled.
The request should contain:

  • Visitor’s ID or passport data;
  • Detailed plan for the scheduled works with description, number of employees involved, work order and locations. Click here to download the form.

We strongly recommend that you refrain from visiting our data center if you are diagnosed with: diabetes, obesity, hypertension of the 2nd degree, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma of the 2nd degree.


To get a pass for a transport vehicle, please specify vehicle’s brand and plate number. Passes for vehicles should be ordered at least 48 hours before the date of the visit. In case the driver has to enter IXcellerate premises, please follow the following rules:

  • The driver should be included in the admission request;
  • The driver should wear medical mask and gloves throughout the whole time of his/her stay at the IXcellerate premises;
  • The driver should maintain social distance of no less than 1,5 m and follow special floor markings in public areas;
  • The driver must also undergo a thermometry procedure every 4 hours and basic medical examination for the absence of respiratory / infectious symptoms (see next section for more details);
  • Due to the current movement restrictions in Moscow, the maximum carrying capacity of vehicles arriving at the data center should not exceed 5 tons;
  • Unpacking and unloading of equipment can be performed by a maximum of two (2) employees in full-body protective suits.


Upon arrival all visitors are asked to:

  • Continuously wear medical masks and gloves throughout the whole time of their stay at IXcellerate premises;
  • Present their ID to the security officer;
  • Maintain social distance of no less than 1,5 m and follow special floor markings in public areas.
  • Familiarize with the rules/requirements established to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at IXcellerate premises;
  • Confirm the acknowledgment of the rules/requirements by signing in the visitors’ magazine;
  • Pass a health check with thermometry by the medical personnel present on site every four hours and sign in the journal for absence of respiratory/infectious symptoms;
  • If the temperature is normal and no symptoms are found, receive an individual bracelet, which must be worn throughout the visit to IXcellerate;
  • Leave IXcellerate campus immediately if respiratory/infectious symptoms and/or fever are detected. Seek full medical attention at a specialized organization.


  • All visitors should obtain a protective medical mask and gloves prior to the visit;
  • Please maintain a 1.5 m social distance between employees and follow special floor markings in public areas;
  • Please note, that maximum two (2) representatives of the company can be present in the data center at any time;
  • When performing the scheduled work, if the distance between employees is less than 1.5 m, it is necessary to wear the full-body protective suits. Protective suits are not provided by IXcellerate;
  • An employee may wear a protective suit for no longer than 4 hours. Please, plan your work accordingly.

We encourage you to minimize your data center visits during this time period unless absolutely necessary!


The only personnel allowed to access the data center campus and the data halls are authorized customer representatives scheduled to maintain/service the existing equipment and/or software and install cross-connects in accordance with requests submitted via Zendesk client portal.


  • Upon entering the data center, each visitor must obtain a pass from the duty shift engineers;
  • Visitors are required to wear medical mask and gloves while they are inside the data center;
  • Carry out work strictly in accordance with the approved work permit submitted in the application;
  • Unpacking and unloading of the equipment can be performed by a maximum of two (2) employees in full-body protective suits;
  • After completion of work, please hand over your pass to the duty shift engineers.

Please note, that if you violate the rules for visiting IXcellerate data centers, you may be asked to leave and/or be removed from the premises with the respective incident notification on the Zendesk client portal.


  • IXcellerate cleaning personnel conducts multiple daily disinfectant treatment of all IXcellerate premises, including regularly touched surfaces such as handles, switches, biometric scanners, railings etc.;
  • Antibacterial lamps, alcohol-based sanitizers, as well as disposable tableware can be found in common areas throughout the campus. Please disinfect your workplace by the end of the day! Aerosol agents usually have a longer lasting effect;
  • Please dispose of used medical masks and tissues in the special designated yellow containers, placed throughout the campus.


IXcellerate customer service team is ready to process inbound inquiries and deliver Remote Hands services based on requests, submitted through the Zendesk client portal. Below listed are The Remote Hands services available for the designated period of time.

  • Management of works at the IXcellerate premises;
  • Administrative work on Customer requests: registration and acknowledgment of work orders, documentation, follow-up, progress reporting and results;
  • Equipment assembly services – assistance with certain installation tasks;
  • Technical support services in accordance with the Customer requests;
  • Mechanical & electrical services – Installation and trouble-shooting of the Customer Provided Equipment;
  • Hardware replacement – replacement of failed hardware as and when reasonably required, carried out under the guidance and instructions of the remote Customer engineer;


Safety of our employees is our No1 priority. Almost half of our staff members have set up home offices and are working remotely, including administration, sales department, marketing, finance and procurement teams. As we have created a stockpile of sanitation products and formed a reserve of critical materials, spare parts and tools, the members of the technical department work in distributed teams and operate based on an autonomous shift-based work schedule.


  • IXcellerate employees are required to pass an additional non-contact temperature check during the working day;
  • Employees working inside IXcellerate offices are strongly encouraged to wear masks and gloves during the work hours,  keep 1.5 m social distance and follow special floor markings in public areas;
  • IXcellerate employees are assigned to work from different buildings across the campus, depending on their need to visit and/or perform works inside the data center;
  • Access to the data halls is limited only to those employees, who are directly responsible for the functionality of data center systems and client equipment;
  • All meetings with customers, suppliers, contractors and partners are to be carried out via online conference services or other non-contact means;
  • All marketing events, presentations, trainings and data center tours for IXcellerate customers and guests are cancelled until further notice.


We encourage IXcellerate employees and visitors to comply with the recommendationsvof the World Health Organization and Rospotrebnadzor:

  • Use medical masks and gloves to prevent transmission of respiratory infections;
  • Wash hands frequently using alcohol-based antiseptics or soap;
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes with unwashed hands;
  • Avoid hugging and shaking hands;
  • Keep at least 1.5 meter of social distance and follow special floor markings in public areas;
  • Regularly treat surfaces and frequently used devices with a sanitizer agent: keyboards, office equipment, smartphone screens, remote control panels.

Our first priority is to ensure the safety of IXcellerate employees and customers, including their representatives and subcontractors. The policies listed in this guide are taken to follow through on these priorities.

If you have questions or want to suggest additional safety measures during these challenging times, please send them to csm@ixcellerate.ru.

Click here to download this guide in PDF

Stay safe!

Yours faithfully,
IXcellerate Team